September 30 - October 2, 2015
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, FL

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015:10 am - 6 pm
Thursday, October 1, 2015:10 am -4 pm
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Be a part of 2015's biggest energy event...
2015 WEEC Conference
Program Agenda

Web version: highlights opening session speakers, keynote speakers, as well as provides advance conference session details and presenters.

2015 WEEC Show &
Conference Info

Advance info on the 2015 WEEC conference, speakers, seminars, exhibitor profiles, special events, exhibit hall workshops, and other important event details. (PDF)
Also featuring...

Special WEEC Sessions
Presented in Spanish

WEEC's Latin America & Spain Energy Management Symposium & Expo. For details, click below:
 /  Español


Government Energy Management Workshops
A series of special workshops and exhibits for Federal Energy Managers held in conjunction with WEEC. For full details,


WEEC 2015's showcase of sustainable technologies.
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About the recent 2014 WEEC

AEE is very pleased to bring the WORLD ENERGY ENGINEERING CONGRESS (WEEC) to Orlando for 2015. Now in its 38th year, the WEEC is well-recognized as the most important energy event of national and international scope for end users and energy professionals in all areas of the energy field.

WEEC 2015 Featured Speakers...

Dr. Condoleezza Rice
66th U.S.
Secretary of State

Dr. Jackie Ogden
V.P. of Animals, Science & Environment, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Alex Glenn
Florida State President, Duke Energy

Sen. Judd Gregg
Nuclear Matters

Dr. Rice will focus her remarks on terrorism, energy, and economic security. She will also discuss challenges and opportunities we might face as a result of the ever changing geopolitical landscape.

This year's WEEC agenda will feature the Energy Managers Summit, a special forum designed to address and allow exchange of ideas on both the challenges and opportunities facing today's energy managers. The Summit is sponsored by the Energy Managers Society, a division of AEE, and its agenda developed by a high-powered advisory group of top energy professionals. Another highlight for 2015 will be the LAS Symposium — a group of special sessions presented in Spanish, covering energy management issues in Latin America and Spain. (Para información acerca del simposio en español, clic aquí.)

The WEEC is the one truly comprehensive event where you can fully assess the "big picture" and see exactly how the economic and market forces, new technologies, regulatory developments and industry trend all merge to shape your critical decisions, as well as define what specific steps are needed to achieve large scale energy efficiencies within your organization. Held annually, the WEEC features a large, multi-track conference agenda, a full line-up of seminars on a variety of current topics, and a comprehensive exposition of the market's most promising new technologies.

Duke Energy is a Diamond sponsor of WEEC 2015, and will actively invite strategic customers to attend the WEEC event.

The WEEC conference and expo explore the complete spectrum of technologies and services of greatest importance to our delegates in attendance, including, but not limited to:

  • Energy efficiency and energy management
  • Renewable, green and alternative energy
  • The impact of climate change
  • Cogeneration and distributed generation
  • Smart grid and electric metering innovations
  • Integrated building automation & energy management
  • Lighting efficiency
  • HVAC systems and controls
  • Thermal storage and load management
  • Boilers and combustion controls
  • Solar and fuel cell technologies
  • Applications specific to federal energy management programs
  • Energy project financing success strategies and incentives

Does your organization offer an innovative technology, product or service? Consider exhibiting at this year's expo. CLICK HERE for info on exhibiting at the 2015 WEEC.

Special features of the 2015 WEEC program...

The LAS Symposium, a new feature of this year's WEEC program, will cover current energy-related issues of importance for Latin America and Spain. This special series of sessions, chaired by Andres Ortuno, C.E.M., C.E.A., C.M.V.P., Executive Director of ADDING, will be presented in Spanish. A variety important case studies and relevant success stories will be covered by speakers. There will also be a preparatory seminar and exam for AEE's Certified Energy Manager (CEM) professional certification presented in Spanish, and available to qualified CEM certification candidates. For more information about the LAS Symposium, click the appropriate link: EnglishEspañol

Also, in order to address the interests and needs of the large number of U.S. government professionals who traditionally attend WEEC, AEE will again offer a section of the program known as FEMWorks 2015. First introduced as part of the 2006 WEEC agenda, this special multi-track portion of the WEEC conference will include a comprehensive series of workshops for federal energy managers. The FEMWorks agenda, put together with input from the various government agencies involved with implementing the requirements of current federal government energy policy, will cover the latest technologies and implementation strategies available, and provide case studies of successful projects within the government sector. CLICK HERE for more information about FEMWorks.

WEEC's highly acclaimed GreenStreet expo showcase, introduced in 2007 and co-presented by the U.S. EPA's ENERGY STAR®, will again be a prominent part of the WEEC for 2015. Here you can examine firsthand the latest green / sustainable / environmentally friendly energy technologies now available for both new design and retrofit projects. Conference presentations will facilitate your understanding of these technologies, covering such topics as green building design and retrofit; LEED certification and building commissioning; high performance facilities; federal initiatives; state and local sustainable development programs; the latest developments in renewable energy; reducing carbon emissions; transportation solutions for the future; and green/sustainable project success stories.

The Council on Women in Energy and Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) will offer both a free networking breakfast and a special reception during this year's WEEC. Featured speaker at the breakfast will be Gayle Lanier, Senior Vice President, Customer Services, Duke Energy. For more details, Click Here.

Other features for 2015 include a free technology workshops held in the exhibit hall, and several free tours of local energy installations of interest.

To view more details on all WEEC 2015 Special Events, CLICK HERE.

The WEEC also serves as the annual convention of the Association of Energy Engineers, and is attended by more AEE members each year than any other single event.

There's no better way to find the immediate answers you need, and to assess the full scope of potential energy solutions available to you, than by attending the 2015 World Energy Engineering Congress.

About Orlando's Orange County Convention Center
As the second largest convention facility in America, the OCCC was recently selected by Business Review USA as the best meetings facility in the country. The Center now has a one-megawatt rooftop photovoltaic solar energy system which provides up to 12 percent of the venue's annual electrical needs.


Leadership by AEE assures a quality program...

The World Energy Engineering Congress is presented by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) The Association's more than 17,000 members include energy engineering and management professionals from throughout the U.S., as well as over 80 nations abroad. AEE is dedicated to providing industry information, conference and seminar programs, reference books, marketplace surveys, and professional certifications including Certified Energy Manager, Certified Building Commissioning Professional, Certified Sustainable Development Professional, Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional, Distributed Generation Certified Professional, Certified Energy Procurement Professional, and others.

About WEEC 2015 Diamond Sponsor Duke Energy...

Duke Energy is the largest electric power holding company in the United States, supplying and delivering energy to approximately 7.2 million locations serving in excess of 22 million U.S. customers. The utility has approximately 57,500 megawatts of electric generating capacity in the Carolinas, the Midwest and Florida, as well as natural gas distribution services in Ohio and Kentucky.

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