AIRLEADER is the world leading, OEM independent compressed air master controller and web-based monitoring system. Using advanced logarithms and highly accurate sensors the Airleader knows the most efficient way to run your system. With more than 6,500 installations the AIRLEADER is the proven and most economical solution to run your compressed air system. The AIRLEADER also makes your system transparent with its monitoring system, allowing you to receive vital information about your system and allowing you to always know what changes are most efficient. The Airleader team provides system transparency and training. Our simulation tools provide various scenarios and shows effects of system changes e.g. adding small or big compressors to your system. Our unbiased approach has helped customers with optimizing compressed air systems, suggesting system changes in their compressor size and types. With these tools it allows our clients to reach their next energy efficiency goals. System simulation is affordable, and a wrong sized compressor can become a very expensive investment!

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