Oilon US, Inc.

We are a Finnish family business in energy and environmental technology founded in 1961. We manufacture and market •burners and combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuels in power ranges from 10 kW to 90 MW •geothermal heat pumps for household and real estate heating •industrial heat pumps and refrigeration plants •solar heating systems Our products are used for example. in power plants, in industry, in waste incineration, in ship boilers, in heating stations, in heating and cooling of buildings and larger areas, and in the heating of private houses. Our expertise is based on strong environmental technology based on product development. Our product development focuses on the energy efficiency and low emissions of products as well as the development of renewable fuel-based energy production methods. We have production in Finland in Lahti and Kokkola, Thomasville in the USA and in China in Wuxi. We have our own sales offices in Russia, Brazil and the United States as well as dealers in over 30 countries. Over 60% of our company's net sales consists of foreign operations.

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