Smardt Chiller Group, Inc.

Smardt Chiller Group is the world's leading manufacturer of high-efficiency oil-free centrifugal chillers - water cooled 60 TR to 2500 TR, air cooled 60 TR to 600 TR, condenserless to 1200 TR, evap to 400 TR and compact modular 60 TR to 900TR. Smardt chiller performance is AHRI-certified. With factories in Montreal, Quebec; Plattsburgh, NY; Stuttgart, Germany; Melbourne, Australia and Guangzhou, Guangdong. Smardt is the world's largest user of the revolutionary Turbocor compressor technology, which the company has been optimizing since 2001 and has now deployed in over 5000 high-efficiency installations across the world. When you install Smardt's award-winning Kiltech CPECS chiller plant energy optimization system - now supplied and supported by the Group in Asia-Pacific as well as North America - truly spectacular reductions in lifetime plant operating costs become possible.

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