SunDrum Solar

SunDrumĀ® Solar is a leading supplier of Hybrid (PVT) Solar collectors and systems. Our collectors are designed to maximize the energy collection from a commercially available PV panel, with a simple attachment. By harnessing a PV panels thermal energy we also cool the panel for increased electricity production. Our performance is demonstrated by holding the record for solar efficiency at 86% since 2013. Our patented technology in addition to provide excellent heating solutions, commercial DHW, pool, space heating, also leads the industry in solar cooling. A recent system is a 2017 AEE International award winner!!! This Washington DC system provided 100% of the homes space cooling and 92% of its total space, pool, and DHW heating needs, both unprecedented achievements in solar heating and cooling. Since 2008, our systems are being used in a variety of commercial and residential applications, ranging from 2MW to a few kW. Please come visit us at booth 406.

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