TESEO was born in 1988 and is immediately characterized as a pioneering, innovative and creative company, able to develop exclusive products and deposit numerous patents for its technological solutions. In the early 1990s, it was the first company in the world to develop a modular aluminum profile system for compressed air distribution. Today, these systems are an international reference for the distribution of fluid energy such as compressed air and vacuum, both in the small artisan workshop and in the large industry. TESEO's modular networks are installed in the most diverse application areas and include prestigious references from the automotive industry, textiles, mechanics and automation. Teseo takes care of the entire production process of its products and takes every step from design to completion of the finished component through a network of selected partner companies. From its central location, the product is marketed by a widespread sales network around the world. Quality and safety are fundamental to TESEO and to be able to give certain guarantees it has implemented a management system to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards and adopted a specific design, development and testing philosophy. Distribution systems are built in compliance with the safety requirements imposed by the current regulations and have various product certifications. Teseo Srl designs, manufactures and markets: •Aluminum pipes and fittings for the production of compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other pressure fluids: product lines AP and HBS. •Modular manifolds for machines and pneumatic panels: AM product line. •Accessories such as benches, trolleys and swing arms for the assembly of production and assembly lines: product lines ATS, SAB and WBA.

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