Since founding PGS in 1994, "energy enthusiast" Eric A. Woodroof, has helped over 400 organizations and governments save over $150 million in energy expenses.

Dr. Woodroof identifies and develops projects that have high rates of return or immediate cash flow, thereby making businesses more cost-competitive and “green”. He is a recognized authority in the energy industry and also provides independent counsel on contracts and projects. Dr. Woodroof has earned Department of Energy Awards and he is the youngest member ever inducted into the Energy Manager's Hall of Fame.

A strategic advisor, project developer, expert witness, trainer and keynote speaker, Dr. Woodroof shares best practices via several books, numerous articles and other media. He has also created training programs, which are endorsed by countries on 6 continents.

Dr. Woodroof has trained thousands of professionals, who are now saving billions in avoided energy expenses and global pollution. He has learned a lot from working with these professionals, and he brings this collective knowledge back to his clients and students.

In addition to his work, Dr. Woodroof has served as the 2011 President of the Association of Energy Engineers, which has over 19,000 members in over 90 countries. He has served on several certification boards (additional details listed below). In 2015, Woodroof was chosen to become the Chairman of the Energy Management Professional Council and he leads the selection committee for future Hall of Fame inductees. During the past decade, he has helped over 250 college students get scholarships and exposure to employers.