Asad Gilani, C.E.M., B.E.P.

27-Sep-2017, 2:30 - 3:00PM

Session: Reliability, Resiliency, & Efficiency = ENERGY SECURITY

Track A | Energy Security & Government Energy Management | FEDENERGY WORKS

Top 10 Energy Efficient Strategies for Federal Buildings

Asad Gilani, C.E.M., B.E.P.
Portfolio Manager
Department of Veterans Affairs

United States Federal Government is the largest energy user and all federal departments and agencies contribute to the government carbon footprint (Greenhouse Gas Emissions).
In this presentation I will educate and inform the audience on the federal energy mandates and highlight the top 10 Energy Efficient Strategies that can be applied to achieve better results at the federal buildings. The federal, state, and local governments need to lead by example by creating a future where energy will be clean, abundant, reliable and affordable. This effort can only be achieved by eliminate waste, reducing energy usage and cost. By following and implementing these simple and important strategies can provide help to the government agencies meet energy, water, and renewable energy mandates and meet the targets set by the different legislations in the form of Energy Acts and Executive Orders. Applying common sense and proven strategies helps reduce mission operational costs and improves operational performance for the Government especially as energy prices continue to spike. Energy efficiency strategies lead to a process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organization. Federal energy management represents cultural change and cost savings for U.S. Government. In addition, these strategies will point out the urgency to make the changes for the high-efficiency buildings, high-performing vehicles and the increased use of renewable sources produced right here at home. The top 10 energy efficiency strategies for the federal government will empower federal workers to make the changes that will generate meaningful cost savings and reduce negative impact on our environment, our economy, and strengthen our National Security.



Track: A Energy Security & Government Energy Management | FEDENERGY WORKS | Session: Reliability, Resiliency, & Efficiency = ENERGY SECURITY


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