James Dodenhoff

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27-Sep-2017, 3:30 - 4:00PM

Session: Reliability, Resiliency, & Efficiency = ENERGY SECURITY

Track A | Energy Security & Government Energy Management | FEDENERGY WORKS

Integrating Cybersecure Microgrids Improves Energy Resiliency for the U.S. Military

James Dodenhoff
Regional Business Development Director

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Microgrids provide a distinct opportunity to bring new capabilities, energy cost reduction, enhanced reliability & resiliency to the U.S. military by leveraging advanced intelligent control systems, a mix of distributed generation resources and an enhanced defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy. This presentation will focus on the integration and performance of distributed generation sources, optimizing the use of both existing infrastructure & new expansion, and will analyze the various building blocks required of a successful cyber strategy that assumes “the attacker is already on the inside”.

We will also compare the features and benefits of centralized versus distributed control philosophies and its impact on onsite power, as well as the challenges with integration.Discussion topics will include the various forms of DG and proper integration techniques, municipal and military microgrid comparisons, specific architecture recommendations for various application types, feature-benefit-value representations teaming considerations and specific case studies.In addition, the presentation will also address the need for a cybersecurity component to all microgrid work.

Discussion topics include equipment challenges, enterprise-wide considerations, the Risk Management Framework and DIACAP (DoDI) certification processes, as well as a discussion on achieving type accreditation on industrial control systems.

Expected learning objectives:Types of control solutions; Differentiating centralized versus distributed architectures including features-benefits; Understanding the nuances of cybersecurity and how to most effective protect energy systems; Understand the challenges of integrating various forms of DG and renewables into a microgrid; Define the differences when considering a military microgrid versus a municipal or commercial microgrid deployment.In addition, IPERC’s GridMaster microgrid control solution is the only microgrid controller to receive a type accreditation and Authority-to-Operate (ATO) – this presentation will present case studies from various completed military microgrid projects, and demonstrate the path to ATO accreditation.


Track: A Energy Security & Government Energy Management | FEDENERGY WORKS | Session: Reliability, Resiliency, & Efficiency = ENERGY SECURITY


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