Klaar De Schepper

27-Sep-2017, 2:30 - 4:30PM

Session: Smart Meters & the Utility Data Access Revolution

Track D | Energy Manager's Summit

Chair for Session

Klaar De Schepper
Information Management Consultant
Flux Tailor

Klaar De Schepper is an information management and utility data expert. She advises organizations that want to establish automated feeds of utility bill and smart meter data to enable ongoing analysis and management of the energy and water use in their homes and facilities. Klaar has helped implement data feeds with millions of bills and billions of readings flowing from tens of thousands of utility meters across the country. She writes about the role of data access and standards in innovation, and designs strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating value for both consumers and industry. Klaar is an active contributor to the efforts of Mission:data, which works with utility commissions around the country to give customers and their chosen third parties access to machine readable utility data.

Klaar is a published author and performed research for IBM and the Columbia University Libraries. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Science and Sustainable Development from Columbia University.


Track: D Energy Manager's Summit | Session: Smart Meters & the Utility Data Access Revolution


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