Klaar De Schepper

27-Sep-2017, 2:30 - 3:00PM

Session: Smart Meters & the Utility Data Access Revolution

Track D | Energy Manager's Summit

Smart Meter Data Access: Enabling the Prosumer

Klaar De Schepper
Information Management Consultant
Flux Tailor

In the transition towards a Smarter Grid, electric, gas, and water utilities around the world are installing Smart Meters. Utilities usually focus on the benefits of Smart Meters in terms of better managing supply, but Smart Meters also offer game-changing benefits for demand-side management. Analyzing a building's consumption typically still involves digging through piles of utility bills with monthly readings, and installing sensors. With Smart Meters, readings thousands of times more detailed can be just a few mouse clicks away. High frequency, low latency meter readings offer a wealth of information for engineers and facility managers. Beyond detecting usage patterns to find savings opportunities, Smart Meter data can be used to respond to events in near real time. Smart Meters have the potential to revolutionize energy engineering, but only if utilities prioritize data sharing in their strategies.

First, this presentation will cover different methods for customers and authorized third parties to get data from Smart Meters, both through utilities and by pairing devices directly. This will be followed by a review of the status of Smart Meter deployments, with a focus on customer data access in the U.S.. A brief explanation of the Public Service Commission proceedings that often precede utilities' data sharing initiatives in the United States will be included.

The presentation will conclude with a look into the not too distant future, in which consumers become "Prosumers" and Smart Meters are integrated with other IoT devices to manage both energy consumption and distributed generation.



Track: D Energy Manager's Summit | Session: Smart Meters & the Utility Data Access Revolution


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