Amanda Cambre

27-Sep-2017, 3:30 - 4:00PM

Session: Energy Management 104

Track E | Energy Basics

Foundations of Success: Turning Plans into Action

Amanda Cambre
Resource Management Services Program Manager

The foundation of any energy management program is timely, accurate, and meaningful information. Decisions regarding energy investments, business changes, and process improvements are more cost effective and yield higher savings when they are based on an accurate picture of the organizations energy requirements. This starts with benchmarking current efficiency levels, establishing attainable goals and strategically planning and implementing incremental actions that will produce the results desired by the organization. While serving as the Energy Manager for the Texas Army National Guard, we completed a facility energy benchmarking study followed by an energy master planning workshop resulting in the first endorsed energy management master plan for the organization. This cross functional input from non-energy related directorates created a more meaningful, effective and, most importantly, leadership endorsed energy management plan. The organizational support for the energy management program that resulted from this process allowed for targeted investments that resulted in significant energy savings for the organization. For the TXARNG, we initiated energy audits at our bottom quartile of facilities and developed deep energy efficiency retrofit projects. There were also several significant operational savings opportunities identified through the facility energy benchmarking process and audits that we were able to correct with low or no cost actions. This presentation will detail the measures developed from the TXARNG benchmarking and energy master planning process and specific actions taken that provided the biggest bang for the buck. Topics include: • Specific guidance resulting from Benchmarking/Master Planning Process • Turning that guidance into actionable tasks • Operational and Behavioral measures immediately implemented • Capital projects developed and scheduled • Measurement of success • Keeping the program going


Track: E Energy Basics | Session: Energy Management 104


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