Sadie Bronk

27-Sep-2017, 3:00 - 3:30PM

Session: Energy Management 103

Track E | Energy Basics

Using Behavior Science to Get Decision Makers to Say Yes!

Sadie Bronk
Energy Bees

Getting your energy data organized is just the first step in gaining support. Getting the data in front of decision makers is the next crucial step. But just emailing them a report will not get you very far. With busy schedules and competing priorities, standing apart from all the other requests, data, and competing budget priorities is key. Learn how to engage decision makers, peak their curiosity about energy data, and quickly teach them how to make smart decisions for investing in energy efficiency and supporting better operation and behavior practices.

Getting decision makers attention is easier said than done. This presentation will outline the basics of behavior science and give specific examples of how to apply it to move decision makers to action. We will discuss how properly aligning the three simple move to action principles, ability, trigger, and motivation can make the difference on getting a yes or no approval for the next energy efficiency upgrade. We will discuss and provide specific examples of the best way to quickly identify abilities, triggers and motivations in different individuals to adjust your message and present your energy use data to get the support your need to make real change within any organization. Finally, we will discuss additional behavior science strategies for engaging those beyond just the decision makers. Using social norms, setting common goals, avoiding choice overload and spreading positive reinforcement will result in a successful and comprehensive energy management program.


Track: E Energy Basics | Session: Energy Management 103