Israa Ajam

27-Sep-2017, 3:00 - 3:30PM

Session: Building-Cx 2.0

Track F | Energy Services

Successful Functional Testing Development Methods

Israa Ajam
Mechanical Systems Optimization Engineer
Ecosystem Energy Services

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This presentation examines commissioning means and methods for functional test development and functional testing strategies. Budgets for commissioning document development can be tight, some commissioning providers turn to functional test templates to save time. This presentation describes the risks associate with using functional test templates. Procedures for writing effective customized functional performance scripts are described. Furthermore, best practices for sequence of operation review, control submittal review, controls integration meeting and developing test procedures are discussed. Finally, testing methods and necessary precautions during functional testing will be covered using in field examples.


Track: F Energy Services | Session: Building-Cx 2.0