Steven Driver, Ph.D.

27-Sep-2017, 3:00 - 3:30PM

Session: Corporate Energy Management Strategies

Track H | Industrial Energy Management

A Three Year International Energy Challenge

Steven Driver, Ph.D.
Global Energy Program Manager

The intent of the presentation titled “A Three Year International Energy Challenge” is to provide the audience with the understanding of how to aggressively reduce both energy consumption and cost. The strategy behind achieving a -10% reduction in Kwh (gas and electric consumption) includes and overview of interactive energy management practices, project selling techniques, energy auditing procedures, implementation of ongoing and retroactive commissioning activities, and deployment of a lean workshop required to engage people to achieve results. At the end of this presentation, participants should be more familiar with the effective energy management practices required to achieve significant results and lead to a successful energy program.


Track: H Industrial Energy Management | Session: Corporate Energy Management Strategies