Michael Intrieri

17-Oct-2018, 3:00 - 3:30PM

Session: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Solar Energy

Track K | Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development

Evolution of Hybrid Solar- Photovoltaic/Thermal System Design Improvements over the Past Decade

Michael Intrieri
SunDrum Solar



Hybrid Solar or PV-T technology has now evolved to incorporate solar source heat pump technology or PV/T-HP. This technology reduces CO2 released thus mitigating global warming. While helping to cool the planet, it greatly enhances the performance of rooftop solar power systems by sandwiching flat plate solar thermal panels directly behind photovoltaic ones. These collectors can be used to either absorb thermal energy from the sun and environment or a PV/T array can be utilized nocturnally as an antenna to radiate thermal energy out to space to offset the use of fossil fuels in the form of electricity, natural gas or oil for heating and cooling. This is extremely effective when designed to contribute to a chilled water loop or air conditioner condenser loop. The flexibility provided by adding the heat pump equipment allows for nearly continuous on-demand operation of the system for performing multiple tasks. Day or night, sunny or cloudy, summer or winter- the PV/T-HP system still performs. For example, an 180kW PV array when modified as a PV/T-HP array can improve its annual output to 1.7GWh from 280MWh, (1200 MWh thermal, 220MWh or 250,000 tons of cooling in addition to producing ~280MWh of electricity). This system does use 100MWh of electricity to harvest the above total energy to net 1600MWh of energy vs. PV alone at 280MWh. The system can also reradiate 360MWh of thermal energy out to space during rejection mode. This technology was recognized by the AEE as the 2017 Innovation Energy Project of the Year - Enser Morris Hybrid PV/T/HP System, which illustrates the flexibility that is possible using this state-of-the-art renewable energy methodology. This system has been operational for 3 years with exceptional results. Well documented functions include: • Solar Domestic Hot Water • Indirect Desuperheating of DHW • Solar Space Heating • Solar Heating Storage • Space Heating from Solar Storage • Snow Melt Feature • Summer Space Cooling to Roof Array • Spring and Fall Solar Pool Heating • Solar Source Heat Pump Pool Heating • Direct Summer Pool Nocturnal Cooling • Indirect Summer Pool Nocturnal Cooling Our paper will share examples of how this technology is being deployed and scaled with projects such as a fitness center and brewery along with a discussion of design practices, costs, and return on investment.



Michael G. Intrieri founded SunDrum® Solar in 2008. His passion for solar energy solutions began in the 70's working with his father to capture solar thermal energy. Mr. Intrieri has a range of experience with both thermal and electrical solar systems. Taking up the challenge to develop a solution to maximize total solar energy capture he developed the Intellectual Property for SunDrum® Solar's Hybrid technology which achievements include; current solar efficiency record holder at 86%, 2017 AEE International Innovation Award, and largest hybrid solar array in the US at 380kW. Mr. Intrieri obtained his Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the University of Central Florida in 1982.


Track: K Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development | Session: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Solar Energy