Klaar De Schepper

17-Oct-2018, 4:00 - 4:30PM

Session: Operational Technology Across Enterprises

Track M | Big Data & IoT

Breaking Down the Wall: Utilities Empower Customers with Data Sharing

Klaar De Schepper
Information Management Consultant
Flux Tailor

Klaar De Schepper is a subject matter expert in utility data management. Prior to starting Flux Tailor, Klaar established a data team at Bright Power, €an Energy Management company. There, she helped€implement data feeds for tens of thousands of utility meters and hundreds of utility companies across the US. With Flux Tailor, she supports data providers, utilities, and software developers as they€collaborate to implement information management solutions that enable utility consumers to become "prosumers". Flux Tailor offers a variety of consulting services including technical writing, project€management, use case development, workshop facilitation, and market research. Klaar is a published author and holds a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Science and Sustainable Development from Columbia University.€

Track: M Big Data & IoT | Session: Operational Technology Across Enterprises