Dan Leonhardt, Eng.

28-Sep-2017, 10:00 - 10:30AM

Session: Common Practitioners to Energy Gurus: A Journey of Milestones

Track D | Energy Manager's Summit

Two AEE Award-Winning Projects: Key Ingredients

Dan Leonhardt, Eng.
Design Project Engineer
Ecosystem Energy

What are the key ingredients of award-winning projects? The presenter will take you through the development process for two highly successful integrated energy performance projects. Mount Sinai Beth Israel Brooklyn Hospital and the Montreal Biodôme nature museum reduced their energy bills by 39% and 52% respectively and were named 2014 Region 1 Energy Project of the Year and 2015 International Energy Project of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers. What common best practices led to their success and what can we learn from them? Certainly, the innovative technical solutions that were adapted for each client and each location were key, but there was an underlying approach that inspired project success, which can be summed up in three main ideas: commitment to achieving ambitious performance targets; continuous collaboration with the client; and contractual accountability for delivering results. The presenter will demonstrate how energy efficiency can be used to finance other development goals, and he will bring in proven best practices that have been widely used in the institutional sector in the province of Quebec, where energy performance contracting has saved the government hundreds of millions of dollars over the last two decades, despite some of the lowest electricity rates in North America. These examples will show you how to create the conditions that encourage your contractor to become a partner who is paid to save, not spend, and whose interests are fully aligned with yours.


Track: D Energy Manager's Summit | Session: Common Practitioners to Energy Gurus: A Journey of Milestones


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