Doug Kafka

28-Sep-2017, 10:00-10:30AM

Session: Basics of Dimming LED Bulbs & SSL Fixtures

Track E | Energy Basics

Controlling LEDs

Doug Kafka
National Sales Manager
Lutron Electronics

There has been an explosion in LED luminaires in the last several years; both as replacements for screw in A lamps and as replacements for fluorescent troffers. This can lead to challenges with existing dimmers as well as implementing new control strategies required by code. Screw in LED replacement have varied dimming performance and introduce voltage fluctuations to the power circuit. We will discuss if existing, older technology dimmers should be utilized and give an overview of technology that is added to dimmers designed specifically for LED bulbs. There are also many options for the retrofit of fluorescent troffers. We will discuss the various options: tubular LED lamp replacement, fixture retrofit, and fixture replacement. We will also discuss the control options for each of these retrofits: wireless, wired digital, and wired 0-10 volt.

Track: E Energy Basics | Session: Basics of Dimming LED Bulbs & SSL Fixtures


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