Tim Stearns

28-Sep-2017, 10:30 - 11:00AM

Session: Global Perspectives on Energy Auditing

Track F | Energy Services

Let's Take the Mystery out of Energy Auditing and Find Some Opportunities for Savings Right Now

Tim Stearns
Senior Energy Consultant
Commons Energy


Too often, identifying energy efficiency and savings opportunities are viewed as a complicated and expensive undertaking. Our presentation will show attendees that there are many no cost/low cost actions that can they can be implemented right now to reduce their utility bills.

The main focus of the presentation will be to show attendees how to identify energy and water savings opportunities in their own facilities using Commons Energy's easy to follow “Rule of the Four T’s approach.

The goal is to promote energy (and water) efficiency in a straightforward and practical way. Energy efficiency improvements do not have to be expensive and complicated to produce tangible results.

And saving money on utility bills is savings directly affecting the bottom line. And using less equals good environmental stewardship too. Presentation will focus on a case study where energy and water savings opportunities were identified and implemented in a typical commercial building and then an explanation on the tools we use to identify these opportunities, implement them, and then calculate the savings. Participants will understand that energy efficiency does not have mean complex and costly mechanical upgrades that they can't really understand and can't possibly afford. Participants will have a list of 10-20 energy saving strategies that can employ at their facilities immediately at low/no cost. Participants will have checklists and auditing forms they can share with their staff and building occupants to perform their own "energy audits." Participants will have the ability to calculate energy savings using basic math and straightforward engineering principles.



Track: F Energy Services | Session: Global Perspectives on Energy Auditing


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