Robert Diehl, P.E.

28-Sep-2017, 9:00-9:30AM

Session: HP Strategies for Buildings, Business and Beyond

Track G | High Performance Buildings & Communities

Systematic, Sustained Implementation Creates "Best in Class" Performance Results

Robert Diehl, P.E.
Director, Facilities Management
Lakeland Community College

Lakeland Community College, in Kirtland, Ohio, developed its Integrated Energy Master Plan (IEMP) in 2006, and started implementation in 2008. The College recognized the growing cost, environmental and reliability risks of energy use, and saw an opportunity to expand its academic offering. Lakeland benchmarked energy use against both US and European colleges to set the IEMP framing goals. Energy use was mapped in detail along with various combinations of control and efficiency measures. Integrating all of the heating and cooling distribution was assessed, along with the potential for various clean and renewable supply options including biomass, PV, wind and on-site CHP. The IEMP proposed a phased resolution adopted by the College in 2008 with an immediate start of implementation. In the first phase about $6.5M was invested in building efficiency measures, improved control and complete thermal integration. By 2011, this resulted in reductions of 40% in electricity use, 50% less natural gas, 30% less water and 40% less greenhouse gas emissions. Energy costs were halved despite tariff changes, a significant increase in the student body and adding a major new building to the campus. In 2010, LCC was recognized as North American “Best in Class” for its energy performance by Sightlines, and received the Bellwether Award for Green Initiatives. Recent major expansions continue to follow the plan by demanding world-class energy performance, bringing the overall college closer to its goal to be a clear global best-practice example.


Track: G High Performance Buildings & Communities | Session: HP Strategies for Buildings, Business and Beyond


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