Allan Evora

28-Sep-2017, 10:30-11:00AM

Session: Energy Management in an Industrial Setting

Track H | Industrial Energy Management

The Secret to Controlling Excessive Energy Consumption & Cost

Allan Evora
Affinity Energy

Complex utility rate structures like peak demand rates, low power factor penalties, and time-of-use charges plague industrial owners and operators. Extremely volatile energy usage suggests the management of high energy costs is a necessary evil. Unfortunately, few systems are in place to monitor and control energy usage, which leads to company-wide inefficiency and spikes in operational costs. By examining a manufacturing case study, discover how a modified control sequence allowed operators to initiate automated energy conservation modes to manage consumption and eliminate excessive spikes during peak demand. Learn to implement conservation control strategies through an industrial power management system, identify power quality inefficiencies that lead to additional manufacturing costs, and optimize facility operation by adjusting equipment set points, processes, and production schedules in relation to utility tariffs.


Track: H Industrial Energy Management | Session: Energy Management in an Industrial Setting


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