Brian Guggisberg, C.E.M.

18-Oct-2018, 9:30-10:00AM

Session: Energy Management for Intelligent Manufacturing

Track H | Industrial Energy Management

Practical experience from the Industry

Brian Guggisberg, C.E.M.
Senior Engineering Specialist

Brian is a Senior Energy Engineering Specialist in the Energy Management group at 3M and has the responsibilities of working with 3M facilities globally to improve energy efficiencies in their operations. His role includes facilitating energy Treasure Hunts and energy assessments, identifying and implementation of energy projects, and reviewing alternative energy sources for 3M facilities. He has developed tools and calculators to help 3M sites achieve their corporate goals. Brian started his career as an HVAC Technician at one of 3M's largest manufacturing facilities. His career grew to being responsible for all Facility and Utility operations including Construction Management at 3M Hutchinson. He volunteered to a lead role as one of 3M's first Energy Champions where he led his energy team to multiple award levels in the 3M Energy program. He led the effort for 3M Hutchinson to become certified to the Management System for Energy ISO 50001 and SEP. He now assists other 3M location in the certification process. He joined the Corporate Energy Management team in 2016. Brian is a Certified Energy Manager, a Certified Energy Auditor with the Association of Energy Engineers, and a board member of the local AEE Chapter.

Track: H Industrial Energy Management | Session: Energy Management for Intelligent Manufacturing


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