Jon Odisho, C.E.M.

Robert Gozza

18-Oct-2018, 10:30-11:00AM

Session: The Art of the Hunt: Methods for Finding Savings

Track I | Industrial Energy Management

Digitalization of Energy Opportunities

Jon Odisho, C.E.M.
Senior Energy Specialist

Robert Gozza
Energy Director, EMEA


Manufacturing industry is arguably on the brink of the 4th industrial revolution.This major leap forward will allow facilities to integrate machines and processes using advanced sensors on a micro level.Advances in digital communication will allow the factory to be totally connected, extracting millions of data points for superior level of analytics.For energy management, this data mining can allow the plant to pinpoint inefficiencies in real time with a much higher level of detail, therefore increasing the opportunities for optimization. At FCA, some of these tools are utilized already for reducing energy.Data from connected systems (which includes building and process equipment) is used during Energy Treasure Hunts to justify energy reduction opportunities, and more accurately track and calculate losses and savings.Such projects included dock door heaters that had a traditional thermostat control, and opportunity was identified to tie it to a central EMS and control using dock door position, outside and inside temperatures. Another major finding included using trended data for a compressed air desiccant dryer to justify changing the control type on point of use equipment that led to significant energy savings. In EMEA, the digitalization process has taken a step further, and the foundation for a complete energy analytics system has been implemented at some assembly plants.This major step allows for the real time monitoring and reporting of energy losses, per vector and type.The major types of energy losses (useless and over consumption) can be trended in real time, and alerts are sent if they exceed certain levels.



Jon Odisho has been working in the energy management and consulting field for the past ten years. Prior to joining FCA’s Corporate Energy Group as a Senior Energy Specialist, he conducted energy surveys in the industrial sector as part of Motion Industries’ Energy Services Team.In his current role, he provides energy management and engineering support for mechanical projects that include central compressed air, chillers and steam systems.Jon is a Certified Energy Manager through AEE’s program, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Detroit Mercy.

Roberto Gozza is the Energy Management director at FCA EMEA region. Prior to this role, he spent four years in China as Head of Manufacturing Planning and Control for APAC region.He has more than 20 years’ experience, with more than 15 in general management and operations management responsibility internationally both in automotive and white goods sectors. Roberto has a Master’s degree in Electric Engineering and an executive MBA from MIP (Milan Polytechnic).





Track: I Industrial Energy Management | Session: The Art of the Hunt: Methods for Finding Savings


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