Amy Bartlett

28-Sep-2017, 10:30-11:00AM

Session: Next Generation Energy Goals and Strategies

Track I | Industrial Energy Management

From Goals to Delivery- Moving from Corporate Targets to a Regional Energy Strategy

Amy Bartlett
Senior Specialist- Energy & Sustainability

In 2009, SABIC embarked on its Sustainability journey.Setting its first Corporate targets for GHG, Energy, Water and Material Loss intensity reductions in 2010.These targets were not only applied to the Corporate level, but across all regions and 30+ global manufacturing sites, requiring a 25% reduction in GHG, Energy & Water intensities and 50% reduction in Material Loss intensity by 2025.

This presentation will provide an overview of SABIC’s Sustainability Journey and how Americas Region Manufacturing has formed its strategy for meeting our 2025 Energy Reduction goals.SABIC Americas Region manufacturing sites vary significantly in size and total energy consumption and each site has an appropriately tailored strategy for Energy Intensity reduction.

The key components of the Energy Reduction strategy include: Implementation of an Energy Management Program, development of Energy & Sustainability communications plans, creation of Energy Reduction Roadmaps and the notion of “Doing Projects Sustainably”.

Join this session to hear more about each aspect of the regional strategy, developed to meet SABIC’s Corporate Energy Targets.


Track: I Industrial Energy Management | Session: Next Generation Energy Goals and Strategies


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