Bill Gnerre

18-Oct-2018, 9:00 - 9:30AM

Session: Large Campus Solutions

Track M | Big Data and IoT

Impact of a Large-Scale Monitoring Based Commissioning Program

Bill Gnerre
CEO & Fo-Founder
Interval Data Systems, Inc.

Bill Gnerre, CEO and Cofounder, IDS – Since its founding in 2003 Bill has kept IDS focused on one vision “to operate buildings in conformance with comfort and health/safety standards, at the lowest operating cost.” To achieve this solution, IDS developed one of the first enterprise energy management platforms (EnergyWitness), incorporated operational analysis services, and most recently began offering BAS programming services based upon ASHRAE Guideline 36P. Bill’s leadership activities have spanned sales & marketing, analytic services design, project management, and is IDS’ customer advocate. An example of the full breadth of Bill’s vision is the work done with Kentucky--IDS was recently selected by DOE’s Smart Energy Analytics Campaign as 2017’s Outstanding Monitor Based Commissioning provider. Kentucky’s implementation tracks energy usage on 1,125 buildings, across 10 state agencies, from 120 separate utilities companies. Over 188,000 BAS trends come in daily from seven different BAS manufactures across 140 buildings. IDS’ operational analysis services have evaluated over 80 buildings and generated 700 energy savings actions that are also tracked by the system. Bill has a BSME from Northeastern University.



Track: M Big Data and IoT | Session: Large Campus Solutions


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