Michael Steifman

28-Sep-2017, 9:30 - 10:00AM

Session: Discovery and Insights

Track M | Big Data and IoT

Big Data Analysis: Mining & Analyzing Utility Data into Actionable Insights

Michael Steifman
CEO & Founder
UtiliSave, LLC

In the face of rising energy costs, large energy consumers are looking for new ways to reduce costs and become more efficient. No matter what industry, companies are experiencing a sense of urgency to improve its use of time and resources. Mining and analyzing utility Big Data turns data into actionable insights. Insights that can help make mission critical decisions, such as uncovering savings and refunds in utility billing; locate current inefficiencies; prioritize sustainability efforts to maximize impact; validate savings and efficiencies achieved through energy initiatives; and provide support for planning, scheduling, maintenance and upgrades.
Join us for this session as we take you down the Big Data optimization road, learn how billing errors, incorrect rate structures, meter billing miscalculations and operational inefficiencies negatively impact your net profit. We will discuss the “how, why and where” of big data that provides exciting results in the utility data space including areas such as demand response, measurement and verification, procurement, benchmarking, and consumption optimization. Walk away with a better understanding of how energy management can help save millions of dollars a year by bringing down energy bill costs significantly while improving productivity.


Track: M Big Data and IoT | Session: Discovery and Insights


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