Arun Jhaveri, Ph.D., C.S.D.P.

18-Oct-2018, 9:30-10:00AM

Session: Renewable Energy Around the World

Track N | Energy Management Around the Globe

An Innovative Strategy for the 21st Century Global Energy Management

Arun Jhaveri, Ph.D., C.S.D.P.
Senior Energy Advisor and Certified Sustainable Development Professional
AJA/City of Burien/University of Washington

Dr. Jhaveri has over 35 years of combined professional work experience in the inter-related fields of Energy, Environment, Global Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Innovative Technologies, Urban Governance Leadership, and International Affairs, both at the Local/National/International Governmental levels, Private Sector, and Academic Institutions. He worked for the U. S. Department of Energy as the Regional Manager in the Seattle Regional Office, from 1991 to 2006. He was the First Mayor of the newly-incorporated City of Burien in Washington State. from 1992 to 1998. Arun was inducted into the AEE's HALL OF FAME during the WEEC in Washington, D.C. He is also the Co-Author of the AEE Book entitled "Carbon Reduction : Policies, Strategies, and Technologies", published in August 2009. Dr. Arun Jhaveri has given many Technical Presentations during his Professional career as an Energy Specialist/Adviser, both within the United States and abroad. He lives in Seattle with family and provides energy consulting support to organizations and institutions with leadership in Renewables/Climate Change



Track: N Energy Management Around the Globe | Session: Renewable Energy Around the World


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