Fadi Marji

28-Sep-2017, 9:30-10:00AM

Session: Creative Strategies for Sourcing Renewable Energy

Track N | Energy Management Around the Globe

Energy Transition- Case Study in Renewable Energy Electricity and Electro-mobility

Fadi Marji
General Manager Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
Izzat Marji Group

The conventional supply of energy is changing and development of renewable energy sources to supply the required national demand of electricity is rapidly taking place across the globe. This paper will outline the development of the renewable energy and energy efficiency regulatory framework for Jordan and the development of the national renewable energy resources to change the energy mix. Solar PV, wind and solar thermal, remain the most widely used renewable energy resources. The renewable energy development depends on the availability of the resource at each location. The solar PV economics is currently the most favorable investment with the lowest LCOE in Jordan. This paper will show the Solar PV project at the utility scale, commercial, industrial and residential scales. In addition, it will describe the national electricity tariff and the national plans to increase the renewable energy PV at the small consumer level. With the development of solar PV storage, the opportunity to support the integration of more renewable electricity is increasing. In addition, the wind energy projects will be discussed with their current and future contribution to the national supply of electricity. Electro-mobility incentives, regulations, supply chain and charging stations have been developed to meet the increase in energy use in the transportation sector. These pilot projects will serve as key learning lessons in the development of a more comprehensive electrical mobility sector after the development of the electrical mobility sector The advantages from the transmission in the energy sector by using clean renewable energy sources will be outlined, and further recommendations towards meeting the global transmission into 100% renewable energy goal.


Track: N Energy Management Around the Globe | Session: Creative Strategies for Sourcing Renewable Energy


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