Kathy Kuntz

28-Sep-2017, 3:30-4:00PM

Session: How to Stop Misbehaving to Save Energy and Money

Track C | Energy Manager's Summit

Engaging Employees to Maximize Savings: A Cool Approach

Kathy Kuntz
Executive Director
Cool Choices, Inc.

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Achieving aggressive corporate sustainability goals—whether in manufacturing facilities or office buildings—requires “all hands on deck.” But how does a firm create a culture where reducing waste and saving energy becomes the new normal for everyone?

More, how do companies effectively engage and retain workers who increasingly seek purpose-driven employment?

The answer is employee engagement around sustainability—which can facilitate a culture shift in practices while also increasing employee commitment to the organization.

    • One recent meta-analysis of Strategic Energy Management Programs found that effective employee engagement correlated to a two-fold increase in energy savings.
    • Strong employee engagement correlates increased innovation and increased retention rates.

This session provides a case study of several employee engagement initiatives, detailing the strategies used, the theory behind those strategies and the documented results. The discussion will focus on examples from manufacturing as well as health care and office settings.

Attendees will gain insight into the benefits of effective all-staff engagement around energy efficiency and broader sustainability objectives as well as immediately-actionable strategies for engaging employees in their own company.


Track: C Energy Manager's Summit | Session: How to Stop Misbehaving to Save Energy and Money


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