Ayoub Baba

18-Oct-2018, 4:00-4:30PM

Session: How to Stop Misbehaving to Save Energy & Money

Track D | Energy Manager's Summit

Energy Conservation & Behavior in the Transport Sector

Ayoub Baba
PECO Energy Consulting

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The objective of this paper is to identify how people behavior can affect energy consumption. It
provides an overview of the intimate relation between energy-saving potential and people attitudes.
Recent researches have affirmed that human behavior is at least as important as the characteristics
of a dwelling in influencing energy use. The empirical study shows that transportation takes a big
part in percentage of energy consumption regarding to other sectors since it is the fastest growing
consumer of energy. However, data collection survey which was conducted by questionnaire
indicated that the vast majority of the population were not that aware about how misbehaving in
driving can influence engine energy consumption. For this reason, many surveys were done in
transport field especially in industries such as cement manufacturing. Studies showed that drivers do
not pay attention to factors and settings that have an impact on energy efficiency of engines when
driving. Fuel efficient driving is all about driving techniques that maximize modern engines’
efficiency. Whereas, it is not only about fuel saving but also about lubricants. Ecodriving is leading to
financial and environmental benefits. Finally, to know to what extent energy efficiency can be
increased by drivers and passengers, a well-documented evaluation has been conducted in this

Keywords: Behavior, Consumption, Population, Efficiency, transport


Ayoub Baba, PMP, Energy Manager with over 9 years of broad and deep experience in the Cement
production facility management, Mineral process and mining operations, Ready mix/concrete and
energy management.


Track: D Energy Manager's Summit | Session: How to Stop Misbehaving to Save Energy & Money


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