Brad Rittler

28-Sep-2017, 2:30-3:00PM

Session: Timing is Everything-Demand Reduction & Demand Response Opportunities

Track D | Energy Manager's Summit

Smart Building Management: New, Next Generation Demand Response Technologies that are Making a Difference Today

Brad Rittler
Vice President, Channel Sales & Business Development

Many of today’s demand response (DR) technology solutions are based on load limiting and the avoidance of approaching or exceeding a hard set “high water mark” with regard to controlling peak demand. As overall energy consumption approaches this predefined limit, equipment and/or entire systems are turned off, either manually or in an automated fashion, until enough load is shed to drive a building out of the “danger zone.”

Significant advances are being made to intelligently manage and distribute load during DR events via fine-grained control that delivers graceful load curtailment during the DR event and DR “rebound” when a given event has ended. This session will cover technology advances that deliver unprecedented, fine-grained control over load curtailment during a DR event.

Topics to be discussed

  • Why improvements to traditional DR load curtailment are needed
  • Technology advances that are having a positive impact on automated DR today
  • How smarter load distribution technologies enhance traditional approaches to demand response and complement BAS, solar and storage
  • Case study on how the combination of new technology advances and traditional DR approaches are complimenting each other in ways that benefit C&I customers


Track: D Energy Manager's Summit | Session: Timing is Everything-Demand Reduction & Demand Response Opportunities


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