Brian Lee

28-Sep-2017, 3:30 - 4:00PM

Session: Timing is Everything-Demand Reduction & Demand Response Opportunities

Track D | Energy Manager's Summit

Successful DSM Program Delivery Using Intelligent Data Information System Design and Data Analysis

Brian Lee
Operational Consultant

Development of a conservation program does not end when the program has successfully launched. To ensure that the program improves and continues in the right direction, it is crucial to track key performance indicators and progression towards the program targets. The process is an iterative cycle, which requires analysis of relevant metrics to improve the program, followed by program performance review to gauge the influence of the changes made.

The detailed data analysis required in continuous program review benefits from carefully planned data and information management structure. An intelligent database design will reduce administrative costs, improve data integrity, and provide a flexible solution to generate customized data for the stakeholders.

Ontario’s Conservation Program has demonstrated the benefits of intelligent database designs. The program has successfully leveraged readily available reports and dashboards of program statistics. The data structure and successive development of smart queries provided additional opportunities for the stakeholders. It provided detailed information about the specifics of the program, which allowed the program to provide audience/sector specific support, training to address most urgent needs of participants, and make program improvements. Users were granted more interactive tools to benefit their work in the field, technical reviewers and administrators were able to significantly improve their quality of operation to address the stakeholders’ needs, and the program designers received relevant data and analysis of the program, allowing strategic and targeted approach to the market.

Each DSM program is different based on stakeholders and requirements. But continuous improvement of the program starts with building an intelligent database and management structure.


Track: D Energy Manager's Summit | Session: Timing is Everything-Demand Reduction & Demand Response Opportunities


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