Craig Henry

28-Sep-2017, 3:00-3:30PM

Session: Timing is Everything-Demand Reduction & Demand Response Opportunities

Track D | Energy Manager's Summit

Demand Response Reshapes Hospitality Market

Craig Henry
Program Manager
Honeywell International Inc.

Every utility consistently looks for additional ways in which to leverage non-residential customers into demand response programs. By adding non-residential customers to their programs, utilities are able to shed more load, but impact fewer customers. However, non-residential customers are not the easiest customers to enroll because of barriers such as accessibility to the owner/property manager and internal resources to contact these customers. This session will examine how targeting the hospitality market can prove to make a major impact on the grid by being able to target for demand response programs.

San Antonio Texas has hot summers and demand response programs are an important way to reduce demand for the utility. Strain on the grid and reducing that demand during peak times is of utmost importance. The utility is targeting hospitality customers via many different technology options within the utility and customer’s economic and operational restraints. Technology solutions can vary from standalone thermostats to a fully networked solution that is connected to an automated guest room management and reservation system. The variety of solutions allows the utility to maximize electrical demand shed while minimizing or eliminating impact to the guest. Depending on numerous factors from building controls to guest occupancy rate energy demand savings can range from 3-28% of peak demand while also contributing to year-round energy savings.

Given the availability of newer, cost effective technology options the largely untapped hospitality market can be a key driver to grow a utility’s demand response programs.


Track: D Energy Manager's Summit | Session: Timing is Everything-Demand Reduction & Demand Response Opportunities


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