Neal Walsh

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28-Sep-2017, 3:00 - 3:30PM

Session: Energy Management 102

Track E | Energy Basics

Ductwork Remediation: Innovations Create New Low Hanging Fruit for Achieving Energy Efficiency and Improved Ventilation

Neal Walsh
Senior Vice President, Commercial
Aeroseal, LLC

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A recent industry-wide survey found that 75% of engineers believe duct leaks are a significant cause of energy waste in existing U.S. buildings today. The EPA estimates that most buildings lose 30% or more of treated air through duct leaks and a report from McKinsey And Company found that duct sealing is often the single most effective thing building owners can do to reduce energy use. But despite the size and scope of the problem, this near ubiquitous issue has been all but ignored for one primary reason - there simply has been no viable solution. Accessing and sealing leaks in existing ductwork typically requires procedures that are both highly disruptive and prohibitively expensive. In 2008, engineering firm Steven Winters Associates (SWA), using innovative new technologies, began to change this reality by completing the first comprehensive building ventilation retrofit for improving building performance. Incorporating the use of new duct sealing technology and air-flow management devices, engineers were able to, for the first time, effectively repair a multi-story apartment building’s exhaust system without demolition and with minimal disruption to existing tenants. The success of this project, with its innovative approach to duct remediation, has sparked a new trend in HVAC retrofitting that has since been used to enhance the ventilation and energy performance for hundreds of apartments throughout the New York region. The use of these technologies also helped reduce the energy costs of a single elementary school by $45,000/year. A Dayton-area hospital was able to lower exhaust fan speeds and reduce energy costs by more than $5,000 annually. This presentation will review how technological breakthroughs are changing the rules on improving energy efficiency and making commercial building ventilation and HVAC duct system remediation viable for the first time.


Track: E Energy Basics | Session: Energy Management 102


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