John Avina, C.E.M., B.E.P., C.M.V.P., C.S.D.P., C.E.A.

18-Oct-2018, 4:00 - 4:30PM

Session: Energy Auditing

Track F | Energy Services

How to Ensure Winning Energy Savings Projects: It Only Starts with a Good Audit

John Avina, C.E.M., B.E.P., C.M.V.P., C.S.D.P., C.E.A.
Abraxas Energy Consulting

John Avina, President of Abraxas Energy Consulting, has worked in energy analysis and utility bill tracking since 1994. During his tenure at Thermal Energy Applications Research Center, Johnson Controls, SRC Systems, Silicon Energy and Abraxas Energy Consulting, he has managed the M&V for a large performance contractor, managed software development for energy analysis applications, created energy analysis software that is used by several hundred energy professionals, taught over 250 energy management classes, created hundreds of building models and utility bill tracking databases, modeled hundreds of utility rates, and has personally performed energy audits and retro-commissioning on over 25 million square feet of building stock. John chairs the Association of Energy Engineer’s Certified Energy Audit Test Committee. John has a MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



Track: F Energy Services | Session: Energy Auditing


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