W. Roger Paules, Jr., C.E.M., P.E.

18-Oct-2018, 3:30-4:00PM

Session: Campuses

Track G | High Performance Buildings & Communities

A Cool Pathway to High Performance Cooling

W. Roger Paules, Jr., C.E.M., P.E.
Senior Marketing Manager, Energy Services
Duke Energy

A seasoned energy executive, Roger began his career as a distribution engineer and has worked in nearly every facet of the industry including industrial sales, strategic planning, end use sales, demand response and marketing. He is an active professional in the utility industry, serving with distinction on committees for Advanced Energy, DOE’s Process Heating Committee, and the EPRI’s Industrial Business Unit.

He traveled internationally on behalf of EPRI, consulting with European and New Zealand utilities on energy utilization and electro technologies.

His current work focuses on creating awareness and tools for the delivery of custom solutions to commercial, institutional and industrial customers for Duke’s Energy’s Services group.

To learn more visit www.duke-energy.com/energyservices




Track: G High Performance Buildings & Communities | Session: Campuses


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