Brent Rutherford, C.E.M.

28-Sep-2017, 3:30-4:00PM

Session: Healthcare-How to Nip/Tuck the Savings

Track G | High Performance Buildings & Communities

Improving your Facility Energy Efficiency within your Capital Improvement Plan

Brent Rutherford, C.E.M.
Manager, System Engineering
Texas Health Resources

Maximizing your efforts with limited funding requires building and following a plan.We have built our Energy Program on a global review of all capital requests.We start by identifying the functional condition of all equipment in the building(s) and scoring it based on the expected remaining life, how much we is spent annually on repairs and the efficiency of the equipment.After mading these determinations, we build a 5 year capital replacement plan and dedicating our budget to accommodate as many projects as feasible.We allocate a percentage (5%) of the budget to cover unexpected failures and emergencies.This plan has reduced the frequency and impact of failing equipment over the past 5 years.Second step, look at the equipment to be replaced in advance of funding and evaluate whether direct replacement is the most responsible option. Look not only at the single piece of equipment, rather look at the overall system.This is where we can improve our operations and our energy usage the most.When you look at a Chiller replacement, look at the entire system.What does it serve?Is it sized appropriately?Can you make a bigger impact by replacing the entire system to gain more efficiency?Our experience has proven the added changes have significantly improved our overall operational budgets.The ROI is usually enough to sell the project to our leadership and when it is, we all win.The final piece of this plan is to never stop reviewing it and looking for the best solutions to your operations.We conduct third party evaluations of the condition of our equipment every 5 years, and annually, we sit down with the Engineering Department leaders to ensure the 5 year replacement plan is still accurate and the budgets are still good.This process allows us to make the sell to finance that we are being good stewards of the corporate funds and improving the bottom line.


  • 1.Define the parameters of an Creating and Managing your Capital funding to improve the operational efficiency of your facility
  • 2.Describe the process of Measuring your success
  • 3.Provide evidence of our repeatable process to support these practices.


Track: G High Performance Buildings & Communities | Session: Healthcare-How to Nip/Tuck the Savings


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