James Nipper

28-Sep-2017, 2:30 - 3:00PM

Session: Best Practices of Compressed Air

Track H | Industrial Energy Management

Reducing Site Cost through Ultrasonic Air Leak Surveys and Repairs

James Nipper
Vice President
Petro Chemical Energy

This paper summarizes the fact that Petro Chemical Energy recommends that the Company A arrange each plant to have an annual Air leak survey conducted. In addition that they provide a Company A employee to repair the easily repairable leaks (e.g. valve packing, tubing fittings, open valves, unions, etc.) identified during the performance of the survey. By implementing this best practice Company A will be able to see immediate savings of 10% of the compressed air system cost they are producing at each site. This is by far the fastest pay back of any energy savings project. Petro Chemical Energy has seen on average $50,000.00 NET per week in annual savings for the sites we have conducted surveys for, when all leaks that could be repaired were repaired during the surveys. In five weeks at Location 1 site, we identified $625,907.00 worth of leaks of which $279,891.00 were associated with leaks that can easily be repaired. At Location 2, we performed a partial plant survey for five weeks and identified $777,189.00 worth of leaks with $224,891.00 easily repaired. At Location 3, we performed a partial plant survey and identified $119,196.00 worth of leaks in one week and the Company A employee fixed $50,791.00. Petro Chemical Energy finds the leaks using ultrasonics and the Company A employee fixes the leaks that can be repaired in a quick manner. Once the leak is stopped Petro Chemical Energy will document the location and the size of the leak and the dollars saved per leak. The Ultrasonic survey can be done across your entire plant. The following pages show in detail the information we have obtained at three large Company A sites along with a projection for the Location 3 plant wide site survey for you to review. This technology will work for every Company A site small, medium and large sites alike. The following table shows Company A sites total CFM losses and total annual savings identified by Petro Chemical Energy.


Track: H Industrial Energy Management | Session: Best Practices of Compressed Air


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