Paul Edwards

28-Sep-2017, 3:30-4:00pm

Session: Best Practices of Compressed Air

Track H | Industrial Energy Management

Anatomy of a Compressed Air Project

Paul Edwards
Compressed Air Consultants

A successful compressed air project is more than just the audit.While having a high quality audit helps, there are additional steps in the process to deliver a project on time and on budget that maximizes savings and return on investment.The process is simple in description but can be simple to difficult to implement.

The proper steps include a quality audit, good detailed design and project management.Neglect one step of the process and risk is added.There is one additional factor that can be overlooked and that is customer engagement.

Finally, a successful project does not guarantee long term results.It’s just the beginning.To sustain the savings, a feedback loop that tells a plant that they are off course is a critical, yet oft neglected step.The presentation uses real life examples to illustrate the “best practices” and pitfalls of this process.


Track: H Industrial Energy Management | Session: Best Practices of Compressed Air


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