Breitner Marzewski

Donald Edwards, C.E.M.

28-Sep-2017, 4:00-4:30PM

Session: Striking Gold! Tales from the Treasure Hunt

Track I | Industrial Energy Management

Give me Sight Beyond Sight!

Breitner Marzewski
Energy Engineer
General Motors Company

Donald Edwards, C.E.M.
Principal Energy Manager
DTE Energy

One of the most important actions to be taken in preparation for an energy audit is to select the necessary instruments that will help the energy manager in identifying energy savings opportunities. One key instrument that the Energy and Carbon Optimization team at General Motors has been using is the Infrared camera. During the shutdown inspection, the camera makes very easy identifying running equipment, cracks on the building envelop and failed devices. In one of our audits, the team realized that several door heaters were left on during non-production times, monetary savings were estimated as being $300,000.00 and payback totaling to 1.5 years! The aim of this presentation is to explore the benefits in using a thermal imaging device in an energy audit, present some identified opportunities at General Motors and its financial return of investment.


Track: I Industrial Energy Management | Session: Striking Gold! Tales from the Treasure Hunt


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