Edwin Willhite, C.E.M.

18-Oct-2018, 3:30 - 4:00PM

Session: Managing Resources: Energy, Water, Waste, People

Track J | The Better Plants Program

Asking the Right Questions to Make Your Energy Goal

Edwin Willhite, C.E.M.
Regional Facilities Leader
Schneider Electric

Edwin Willhite is employed by Schneider Electric as a Regional Facility Leader.

He manages the facility operations 10 facilities in Tennessee, North and South Carolina.He is a subject matter and Supply Chain Edison Expert for energy within Schneider Electric North America.These responsibilities include Supply and Demand Side energy management, supporting carbon reduction goals and energy reporting for the organization.

At Schneider Electric he has been responsible for the managing the installation of a 1 MW, 1000v, solar farm and R & D facility, and the implementation of ISO50001, Superior Energy Performance and Better Buildings program across the Schneider portfolio in North America.

Edwin has over 30 years of manufacturing experience along with a BSME from Tennessee Technology University, a MSIE from the University of Tennessee and is a Certified Energy Manager, CP EnMS and SEP performance verifier.



Track: J The Better Plants Program | Session: Managing Resources: Energy, Water, Waste, People


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