Gerard Schouten

28-Sep-2017, 4:00-4:30PM

Session: More Efficiency Water Treatment Systems

Track K | Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development

Zero Liquid Discharge of Brines and High Concentrated Fluids

Gerard Schouten

Developed at the Water Campus in The Netherlands (the most prestigious thinktank in Europe fully focused on development of sustainable water technologies), Salttech DyVaR technology is capable of effectively treating high salinity (waste) streams from all kind of sources to a full Zero Liquid Discharge, recovering very pure water (liquid) and salts (solids).

Any salt at any composition can be treated effectively with extremely high energy efficiency, to fully recover all the water and produce a solid salt stream. The technology combines concentration and crystallization features in one unit that is insensitive to scaling and can treat any high saline fluid. Built from high grade polymers, DyVaR can be sized to meet any flow.

This disruptive technology combines a unique set of features by using no chemicals, applying no membranes, being corrosion insensitive and able to treat any salt composition at any concentration.

Whether it is for treatment of saline scrubber blowdown, produced water in oil/gas industry, leachate or any other high TDS water, DyVaR can handle it and produce very clean water and compact salts.

In this presentation, several cases will be discussed that will emphasize the versatility of DyVaR technology for a host of applications.



Track: K Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development | Session: More Efficiency Water Treatment Systems


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