Tony Lam

18-Oct-2018, 2:30 - 3:00PM

Session: Clear the Ice: Winning the Fight Against Climate Change - Canadian Style

Track N | Energy Management Around the Globe

Lessons from the North - Redefining Energy Management in the Property Management Industry

Tony Lam
Energy Manager
Government of Yukon

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Tony Lam is a Certified Energy Manager with more than 8 years of energy management experience in the property management industry. His roots are in equipment systems, starting as a computerized maintenance management systems administrator where he learned about the basics of facility management. It was during that time when he learned about equipment systems, from air handling units to boilers to fire suppression systems and everything in between. Much of this learning process is attributed to the invaluable relationships he developed with the building engineers who educated him on the complexities and intricacies of what it truly means to manage a building. It is also through this unique perspective that he began to see the bigger picture – the core of the business isn’t the technology or how glamourous the buildings are, but its staff and the occupants who reside in it.

As an energy manager in one of the most northern parts of the world, Tony strives to change the way the energy management industry is perceived. Perception is a vital component to this field as it defines our ability to instigate change. Energy is still a budding field and people are only starting to see the economic benefits to the industry. Yukon is a harsh, albeit stunningly beautiful, place that imposes a plethora of operational, technological, logistical, economical, and environmental challenges that need to be overcome. Energy management cannot be perceived as a luxury item in a world with far more pressing concerns – it would never gain sustainable traction. Tony has been working diligently to redefine the benefits of energy management in the world of property management so that it can be considered a necessary function of the industry.



Track: N Energy Management Around the Globe | Session: Clear the Ice: Winning the Fight Against Climate Change - Canadian Style


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