Joshua Long

29-Sep-2017, 10:30-11:00AM

Session: Energy Master Planning/Energy Management Case Studies

Track C | Energy Manager's Summit

Industrial Energy Management Software Sustains Savings & Unlocks New Opportunities

Joshua Long
E4E Solutions, LLC

Industrial plant utility systems incorporate multiple large energy consuming assets, which often rely on a combination of staff and control systems to manage the subject operations.Too often, over time, peak operating performance is lost, but losses are typically missed until the next Energy Assessment.This presentation will showcase the success story a Medical Device Company is having by utilizing an Energy Monitoring & Targeting Software system to anchor project savings (i.e. A Defensive strategy), discover new opportunity (i.e. An Offensive strategy), and to share best practices across their organization (i.e. A Training Strategy).

An Energy Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) system was selected and implemented at large sites (over $1M/yr energy spend) in 4 countries.The system was set up to track energy use & production output, such that utility system efficiencies can be monitored, and achieved savings from improvement investments can be permanently anchored.Then the selected Energy M&T systems alarms wasteful system operations in real time as they occur.This has allowed issues to be addressed as they occur rather than being entirely missed or waiting until the pain is seen in the next utility bill. The learnings that will be shared will highlight how energy efficiency was lost on several utility systems, but not seen until the use of the Energy M&T system was deployed.

Next, by having all utility data streamed into the Energy M&T system allowed sites to unlock the next wave of efficiency improvements.The learnings that will be shared will demonstrate how having rich energy and production data aligned, and easily visible, new improvements were discovered that were not visible before.While sites knew energy use varies as production rates changes, but by being able to see how utility systems and their tracked efficiencies respond to changes was the eye opener.With eye wide open, the relationship of energy use to key performance indicators allowed sites to determine:

ØTrends in energy consumption that reflect seasonal, weekly, and other operating patterns;

ØIdentify specific areas of wasted energy during specific periods of production and non-production;

ØAllow comparisons with other businesses units or sites with similar characteristics by benchmarking processes utility energy intensity and efficiency/COP;

ØDevelop performance targets for departments & systems used in management programs

By using collaboration tools to share these findings allowed best practice performance to be viewable across an organization, which accelerated other sites to learn and improve.The learnings shared will include examples of the best practices discovered and shared.

Presentation by Josh Long, President & CEO of E4E Solutions, LLC; an Energy Engineering Firm that worked with the subject company to install metering, setup software, and help leverage the system to drive value.



Track: C Energy Manager's Summit | Session: Energy Master Planning/Energy Management Case Studies


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