Tim Janos, B.E.P., C.D.S.M., C.E.A., C.E.M., C.R.M., C.S.D.P.,

29-Sep-2017, 9:00 - 11:00AM

Session: Young Energy Professionals Roundtable

Track D | Energy Manager's Summit

Chair for Session

Tim Janos, B.E.P., C.D.S.M., C.E.A., C.E.M., C.R.M., C.S.D.P.,
Spectrum Energy Concepts, Inc.

As Principal of Spectrum Energy Concepts, Inc., Mr. Janos is currently involved as an Energy Consultant for clients in the Industrial, Commercial and Educational markets on a wide variety of energy-related projects.Mr. Janos’ formal education includes Degrees from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio and from Cleveland State University.

Tim is an AEE Fellow as well as a Life member of the Association of Energy Engineers. He has served the AEE as Region III Vice-President, AEE International President, and is currently the AEE Director of Special Projects and Chairman of the Certified Energy Auditor Board.He has also served on the Certified Energy Manager Board for 20 years and served as Board Chairman for the past 15 years.He also is a member of the AEE Advisory Committee and leads the AEE Trade Missions.

Tim is an Instructor for the AEE’s CEM Course throughout the United States as well as the CEM, CEA, Masters Level CEA and EEP internationally. He has been elected to the Energy Managers Hall of Fame and Regional Energy Manager of the Year.

Over a span of 35 years he has designed and implemented numerous innovative Mechanical, Electrical and Digital Control Projects designed to save energy for his clients. Virtually his entire Professional Career has been dedicated to energy efficiency and energy savings. His extensive background features hundreds of very successful energy audits that have identified cost savings projects for major clients.

Mr. Janos has provided Consulting and Training services throughout the world including China, Kuwait, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Trinidad, Guyana, Saudi Arabia, and the Ukraine.

Tim is currently a Member of the ISO 50001 Committee which group developed the Energy Management System Standard for worldwide use.



Track: D Energy Manager's Summit | Session: Young Energy Professionals Roundtable


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