John Powers

29-Sep-2017, 9:30 - 10:00AM

Session: Renewables Solving Real World Issues

Track K | Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development

The Energy Triple Bottom Line: Using Renewables to Meet Multiple Goals

John Powers
VP, Strategic Renewables
Renewable Choice Energy-Schneider Electric

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The momentum of renewable energy is unstoppable, with some experts predicting that it will surpass fossil fuels in global capacity by 2050. Unlike fossil fuels, renewables have the ability to help organizations meet multiple goals across their responsibility spectrum: carbon reduction, water reduction, air quality improvements, climate change mitigation, risk management, and financial stability. In this presentation from John Powers with Renewable Choice Energy (now part of Schneider Electric), attendees will learn the role that renewables have to play in an integrated energy strategy across a global portfolio, and how long-term renewables in the form of power purchase agreements are driving advancements in corporate renewable adoption in the Americas and EMEA.


Track: K Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development | Session: Renewables Solving Real World Issues


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