David Seidel, P.E.

29-Sep-2017, 10:00-10:30AM

Session: Renewables Solving Real World Issues

Track K | Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development

Renewable Biomass- The Forgotten Energy Storage Source

David Seidel, P.E.
Seidel Research & Development Co., LLC

Since the beginning of the history, of mankind, abundant, economical, and energy dense sources of energy have been sought after. Biomass or carbon based materials have been the key source of energy for life on this planet Earth. In today’s world of growing human population, modern science and technology has enabled us to capture the energy directly from the sun, wind, and water. But, storing large amounts of energy for later usage has created a great challenge. Like all living being, plants and animals are great examples of stored energy sources. For centuries, mankind has harvested energy for carbon based plants and animals for his benefits and comfort. Renewable biomass is the forgotten energy storage source which can grow as fast as the world’s population. With today’s advanced techniques and technologies, renewable biomass energy production is reviving as an economical solution to mankind’s energy consumption needs. Seidel Research and Development Company (SRADCO) has been providing energy consulting for a variety of new clients who are opening new technologies in bioenergy such as biocoal, biogases, advanced bioproducts, energy densification pellets, and other forms of biomass energy products. This presentation gives a brief overview of some of these new advancements in renewable biomass energy markets and their challenges to market entry.


Track: K Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development | Session: Renewables Solving Real World Issues


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