Mark Richards, P.E.

19-Oct-2018, 10:30-11:00am

Session: Riding the Storage Wave: How Thermal Storage Fits into the Matrix

Track L | Emerging Energy Trends

Justifying HVAC Energy Savings in Buildings Using Phase Change Materials - A Debate with a Skeptical Engineer

Mark Richards, P.E.
Applications Engineering Manager
Phase Change Energy

Mark has 30 years of experience with the project management,design, commissioning and construction of facility HVAC, process and plumbing systems. He takes great pride in applying science and common sense to solve technically challenging problems. The practical experience gained in contracting has helped to develop a broad understanding of the design and construction process. Mark has delivered projects using the Integrated Design Process for Zero Net Energy projects. He manages all aspects of projects from preparing proposals to project closeout and verifying customer satisfaction. Mark’s total commitment to his projects, together with his extensive experience with varied projects make him a strong contributor in any design and construction team. Mark is a third generation contractor and first generation engineer and worked for his family’s contacting company as an HVAC mechanic and grew up in the HVAC industry. Mark’s well rounded experience with construction has ranged from the perspective as an engineering consultant, owner and contractor provides a unique and valuable perspective for today’s complex projects.


Track: L Emerging Energy Trends | Session: Riding the Storage Wave: How Thermal Storage Fits into the Matrix


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