Louis Lagrange

29-Sep-2017, 10:30-11:00am

Session: Different Approaches to Energy Storage

Track L | Emerging Energy Trends

Conceptualization of the Quantity and Quality of Energy for Energy Management

Louis Lagrange
Energy Training Foundation

Energy management requires a thorough understanding of the fundamental linkages between the first and second law of thermodynamics as both need to be satisfied for a process to take place.The first law provides information on the Quantity of available energy and, and the second law of thermodynamics provides the direction of movement and Quality (or degradation) of the energy.The practically available energy is further described through the terms Entropy and Exergy to determine the maximum useful work vs theoretical available energy.

A unique training method was developed with a successful track record of 3 years to facilitate a thorough understanding of the linkages between these concepts specifically for the different requirements of right brain dominant and left brain dominant people.The methodology is also further pedagogically underpinned using rising levels of action verbs and correlation with the South African National Qualifications Framework levels.


Track: L Emerging Energy Trends | Session: Different Approaches to Energy Storage


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