Julien Stamatakis, Ph.D.

29-Sep-2017, 9:00-9:30AM

Session: Capturing Big Data in the Real World

Track M | Big Data and IoT

Extinction of Data-loggers: How to Leverage IoT to Save Time & Money

Julien Stamatakis, Ph.D.
CTO and co-founder
Senseware, Inc.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the ability to transform facility management. Utilizing technology to improve reliability, efficiency, operational continuity, manage the increasing complexity of buildings, merge legacy systems with future expansions, maintain aging infrastructure, and improve reporting and compliance capabilities. To deliver on these promises facilities will need to be prepared to handle the estimated 26 billion ‘smart things’ which will be installed by 2020. Attendees will learn about IoT trends that impact facility management, the limitations of current technology and how to overcome them, and how the IoT can yield financial benefits for an organization.


Track: M Big Data and IoT | Session: Capturing Big Data in the Real World


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