Phillip Thomas, C.E.M.

19-Oct-2018, 9:00-9:30AM

Session: Operating in the Future

Track M | Big Data and IoT

Analytics, Digitization, Management Systems... Energy the Perfect Storm - Transforming how we Operate

Phillip Thomas, C.E.M.
A1 Solutions


Analytics, Internet of Things,Digitization, and management systems (e.g.ISO 50001and LEAN) are transforming the way energy as a resource is utilized, investigated, monitored and reported in industrial facilities and unleashing new ways of how it leads the emergence of new productivity measures.Efficiencies and communication channels within manufacturing/industrial facilities.With the convergence of these technologies and practices what was once reserved for large\specialized industrial manufacturing, generating and refining concerns is now available to plants of all sizes and types and is generating new insights,techniques, methodologies etc. that allow energy to chart overall plant productivity metrics at all levels.(Individual overall plants) and crossing several plant departments(maintenance, accounting,sales, etc.). The principles have application from the production floor, to procurement practices, to sales and marketing giving metrics that communicate real time productivity to both engineering and non-engineering professionals. Energy is demonstrating that it has the capacity to lead the transformation of industrial facilities.The combination of these technologies and management initiatives into day to day plant activities are transforming their operations giving new insight into machine operations and extracting greater productivity that in many cases have zero capital expenditures making a significant contribution to both energy efficiency and productivity initiatives in manufacturing organizations. The Internet of Things and Digitization is giving a dynamic approach to investigations of equipment while the management theories introduce new concepts of measurement and analysis and when combined generate new and accurate measures of performance allowing greater insights regarding day to day operations. A good analogy is that of when computing was the mainstay of select IT. professionals as compared to the environment when the PC was introduced. The challenges however are very significant especially if the full potential is to be realized. From practical (personal) experiences the paper will discuss these new developments and challenges and present a framework that when applied can lead to the potential of what is at stake being realized.


Phillip specializes in applying data analytical techniques with internet of things technologies in an energy management program environment to develop real time management reporting information for optimizing and enhancing the operations of manufacturing and industrial organizations. He is a pioneer in this new conglomeration of programs which is facilitated by his experience in energy efficiency initiatives with industrial, manufacturing and commercial enterprises and his certifications that develops and promotes new ways of achieving organization excellence through energy. He holds Masters degrees in Environmental and Industrial engineering with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. A notable difference with the adoption of this three-pronged approach is that there is no one size fits all solution. It is therefore finding the “sweet spots” of application unique to each enterprise that occupies his efforts and the results developed are signature solutions resulting in quantum results for the respective organizations. This new way of approach heralds a closer step to energy being managed within its own right in organizations akin to finance and human resources with the potential of unlocking whole new specializations as a result.

A national of Jamaica he is an IDB’s Connect Americas global ambassador and is a certified energy manager.


Track: M Big Data and IoT | Session: Operating in the Future


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