- Pivotal Stage for Lighting Retrofits & Future Re-Retrofits, Including Diminishing Returns, Non-Energy Benefits, Artificial Intelligence, Etc.

8:00 am - 4:00 pm
ONE DAY WORKSHOP: -Pivotal Stage for Lighting Retrofits & Future Re-Retrofits, Including Diminishing Returns, Non-Energy Benefits, Artificial Intelligence, Etc.
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Instructor: Stan Walerczyk

About the Workshop 

First of all this workshop contains significant information not included in his AEE webinars.

With low hanging fruit, including T12s, HID and basic grade T8s, and even mid hanging fruit, including basic grade T8s with generic electronic ballasts, becoming extinct, usually even slashing wattage by at least 60% and tripling life often do not provide good enough paybacks for lighting retrofits to be approved with high performance fluorescent lamp and ballast systems, which is becoming the main retrofit opportunity. Plus with low wattage LED products, controls are often no longer cost-effective saving energy.

What is needed, in addition to best value LED products, are financial tools superior to payback and return on investment and non-energy benefits, which can provide 75% of the benefits in energy efficient projects. Non-energy benefit for lighting retrofits include Human Centric Lighting, certifications and advanced controls with IoT, which may only be ready for early adopters now, but will be ready for prime time with a few years.

Select the best value LED lighting since they may last a decade. Understand type A, B, C, AB & AC TLEDs. Learn why LED lightbars, fixture kits and new fixtures can often be better. LED hibay performance and pricing have really improved. Several interior and exterior applications will be included.

With inexpensive imports and shorter innovation cycles, will 50% of existing lighting and control companies be bought or go out of business within 5 years? When will other SSL products overtake LEDs? Will the lighting retrofit industry be mainly restricted for maintenance? Should lighting retrofit companies should diversify or get out of this business?

Various types of current retrofits will impact cost-effectiveness of future re-retrofits. Even if advanced controls are not utilized now, should adapters for them be included in current retrofits?

Is lighting with IoT becoming the Matrix with losing our fee will and privacy?

How may artificial intelligence impact lighting and the big picture within the next twenty years? Much of this session also applies to new construction.

•Short comings of payback and ROI
•Diminishing returns, Lighting, Controls saving energy with LED products
oHuman Centric Lighting, Including new 3.0 version
oDiminishing returns & how to combat them
oAdvanced controls with IoT, Are they currently ready for more than early adopters?
•Tools to help select best value LED products
•Including benefits of batwing distribution


•How to retrofit troffers and other linear fluorescent fixtures
•High performance fluorescent
oType A, B, C, AB and AC
•LED lightbars
•LED troffer kits
•New LED troffers and other fixtures
•Interior applications
•Exterior applications
•Lighting trends
•How lighting and control companies have been doing
•Future of LED and SSL technologies
•Future re-retrofits
•Future of lighting retrofit companies
•Lighting with IoT becoming the Matrix
•Artificial Intelligence
•In general
•Wrap up

About the Instructor

Stan Walerczyk is principal of Lighting Wizards and chair of the Human Centric Lighting Society. His 30 years of lighting experience includes distribution, maintenance, retrofit contracting, third party review, consulting, design, luminaire design, rebate planning, policy making and research. He wrote 100 white papers and magazine articles and presented 1,100 seminars and webinars on various aspects of lighting. He is a Certified Lighting Energy Professional by the Association of Energy Engineers and is on the Review Board. He wrote the book, Lighting and Controls: Transitioning to the Future, published by Association of Energy Engineers.