Advantages of Electricity Generation using 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant - Case Study

10:00AM - 4:00PM
Bassam Al-Borini

AEE Student Member
University of Jordan

Solar energy is a free and clean energy resource which can be used to generate power without damage to humans. To efficiently capture this solar energy as a feasible power source, a 50 MW parabolic trough solar thermal power plant development in Ma’an was studied and the advantages will be presented. It uses Sun heat as a source to produce electric energy with 7.3 full load storage hours. The dry cooling is the only option for power production in this plant because water is expensive, not enough and restricted in Jordan.

Using GREENUIS software which is a simulation tool developed by German Aerospace Center (DLR), the simulation and optimization of parabolic trough plant was performed. The design parameters that are similar to Andasol (Spanish CSP Project) were used for Ma’an site (South of Jordan) to compare between Ma’an and Andasol power plants results. Subsequently, the design technology parameters were selected; collector assembly, collector field, thermal storage and power block. Also, the economical parameters were used for estimating economical results and extensive cash flow over the entire lifetime of the project.

CSP plant was described by the system model principles; collector model, storage model and Rankine cycle model which consist of pump, condenser, re-heater, cooling tower and turbine that connected to network using generator. To assimilate the lower cycle efficiency of dry plant, large solar field and turbine were used. The plant in Ma’an (Jordan) has 184,993 MWh/year annual net electricity generation, 14% annual mean overall efficiency and payback period is 6.07 years. While the plant in Andasol (Spain) has 128,233 MWh/year annual net electricity generation, payback period was 10.06 years at same effective solar field area was 510,120 m2.