Air Refrigerant & Stratospheric Properties of Air

10:00AM - 6:00PM
Rahul Nair MIET

Lead Estimator
Johnson Controls

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The introduction of air conditioning system have been revolutionary in the 20th century which revamped the industrial process and improved lifestyle with better ergonomics and comfort to human occupancy and optimize different chemical process. The world is grateful to the idea of Wilfred Carrier who changed our life’s the way we live in and combat the arid zone climatic conditions to the current world we live where we have the most modern technologies of upbringing the best thermal comforts. This paper will address the elimination of all synthetic refrigerants used in comfortable HVAC systems and employ the natural resource air as refrigerant. The concept has been evolved from the usage of air in aircrafts for air conditioning. The theory of air refrigerants and this paper address the challenges of simulating stratospheric conditions of atmospheric air in troposphere and eliminating the hassles to achieve it. Since the atmospheric air is used as refrigerant the suggested solution is the most advanced sustainable process and by time shall evolve with enhanced processes and its applications. The paper describes the various physics, equipment involved and arrangement of apparatus to deliver the desired results. Further this paper gives absolute formulas to design a system which uses air for space cooling and comfort applications. The development of this prototype shall lead to further research in this sector and work on sustainable solutions which leading to advanced refrigeration and cryogenic applications. The elaborated theory explains the possible applications of the applied physics of air refrigerants in material development for space craft cooling and cryogenic applications. The subject matter emphasizes the application of air to use various day today applications ranging from cooling to heating in domestic applications and develop apparels to suit the tropical climate within economic range of those regions.